Wait for Canon G5X Mark II or get the Sony RX 100 V?

I wrote about the G7X recently and how I was not really impressed with the camera. As I still want to have a small but powerful camera for situations where I don’t want to carry around my 5d Mark III I ordered a Canon G5X and despite it having the same lens and the same sensor as the G7X I liked it a lot better.

When I’m testing cameras I’m not doing it very scientifically, so maybe I just got unlucky with the test pictures and videos with the G7X and got really lucky with the G5X. Overall I liked the sharpness of photos and video a lot better. It also had better image quality on the edges. One thing I liked better about the G7X was the more up to date software …

Eventually, a G5X Mark II would be the right compact camera for me. According to rumors on the internet, it is supposed to be released this spring. Problem is, those rumors have never been very accurate. So it could as well be autumn.

So what to do? Wait for the release of the G5X and hope that it fulfills my expectations or go and try out the Sony RX 100 Mark V which is already ridiculously expensive for a compact camera….

Talking about more expensive … another option would be the Sony Alpha 6500 with the 16-70mm F4 lens. From all I’ve been reading great camera for photography and video, but also not really small anymore (if you take G5X or even RX100 V as a reference….).

First world problems…